Laid back & earn big with our secure stake pool!


Our mission

Here at stake pooler, we run with stake pool with our heart. Our mission is to promote the blockchain, change the world with us by delegating to our stake pool and help decentralise the nodes. Together, we contribute to a more secure and future proof ecosystem.

We are starting with Cardano and LikeCoin at the beginning, but we will gradually expand to cover more other coins.

Kill the middleman of necessity, push power to the edges and build systems that are equally fair for the least amongst us.
Charles Hoskinson

So seriously, how is your commission rate?

Commission rate as low as 1%, just to cover the operational cost

We are charging a very low commission rate as we are just starting our business here. In fact, our aim here is not making money. The money we charged is mainly for supporting the basic operational cost of running the node.

Pushing for a distributed ecosystem

Your delegation is helping to push the whole ecosystem to be more distributed. We would like to avoid stake pool that is too concentrated and get most of the voting power. Support us and in return, you will be awarded by the ecosystem.  

Why it is safe to stake?

Your assets stay in your wallet

Staking your assets through delegation is considered to be safe because your assets never leave your wallet. Even if the stake pool got hacked, that's not going to impact your assets. 

No slashing for Cardano

Your asset safety is our priority. Some blockchain systems punish the stake pools' misbehaviours by slashing, taking away the staked coins. But that's not going to happen in Cardano. And that's why we love Cardano and become one of their stake pool operators. 

Secure system architecture

All stake pool private keys are safely stored in air gapped encrypted devices. Our block producing node and relay nodes are behind the enterprise level firewalls. 

Operator has years of experience

All the above security measures are meaningless if the operator doesn't have experience running the node. Stake pooler's operator has 15+ years of experience in the fintech field and is specialised in running high performance server in a secure manner. 

Secure and Robust Architecture


Our ADA stake pool

Pool Name: StakePooler
Ticker: SPLR
Pool ID: c9b9cc57c0754f2764fac514449b282e7e9059395619a818b3000020
Commission: 1%
Location: United States

Our Likecoin stake pool

Pool Name: stake pooler
Operator address: cosmosvaloper13z3jxrs4vns8ffgw09kznna46cyh02aeveus3u
Commission: 5%
Location: United States